The New Era of Apartment Living…..

There was a time when the definition of a luxury apartment was an undersized one story stacked unit with upgraded finishes and a fancy community clubhouse. The problem for the long-term renter with these units is that they offered little storage, featured a small master bedroom and very limited privacy. These “luxury units” were designed for twenty-somethings looking for a nicer place to park for a year or two before moving to a home or another apartment community. While many of these luxury apartment communities offered curb appeal and nice amenities, they ultimately lacked practicality. Enter the new age of luxury apartment communities that focus as much on lifestyle as on superior finishes and amenities. The idea of apartment living as a temporary living solution has gone by the wayside – the focus has now shifted to designing and building luxury communities that offer residents a true place to call home. Our newest luxury apartment community, Deer Valley North in Ellington, CT, has adopted this new concept in luxury apartment living by including in unit features that are more commonly found in luxury homes than luxury apartments. Below is a summary of what is included in a Deer Valley North townhome that makes it a true departure from luxury apartment communities of the past:

  • Attached garages at ground level. Having a private garage in the Northeast can take the hassle away of having to scrape ice off your car every morning for 3 or 4 months a year. What makes Deer Valley North different is that not only do our units feature garages, these garages are located adjacent to the entry of the townhome. In other words, you don’t have to carry groceries up a flight of stairs from your garage. Take two or three steps from your car right into your mud room.
  • Private, unfinished basements. Storage is always the issue with most luxury apartments and condos. Stacking boxes in the corner of a bedroom or a closet is not only unsightly, but is also a waste of space. Deer Valley North offers it residents a full-sized unfinished conditioned basement that is ideal for storing boxes, sporting equipment, memorabilia, etc. and eliminates the need for offsite storage.
  • Custom home finishes. Stained hardwood floors, 6 foot windows with transoms, 12 foot high great rooms, wainscoting, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and large paddle fans aren’t only found in custom homes anymore – these features can be found at Deer Valley North.
  • Energy Star Rated townhomes. An energy efficient home requires smart planning and design. Proper air sealing and ventilation, enhanced insulation, energy efficient furnaces and appliances and tankless hot water heaters were all incorporated into our Deer Valley North townhomes making them far more efficient than the building code requires and keeps our residents energy bills at a minimum.
  • In unit, private elevators. An aging demographic in our region of the country has necessitated the need for the building industry to respond properly to the needs of our customers. Private residential elevators were once resigned to estate homes. Deer Valley North has changed that paradigm – in unit, private elevators are included in one of our floor plans allowing residents who are reluctant to use the stairs comfortable access to their entire unit.
  • Modern amenities. Most upscale apartment communities feature a small fitness room and a pool as amenities for their residents. These amenities are usually nice selling features but often underutilized. At Deer Valley, we don’t stop there. A nearly 2+ mile stone dust walking trail, a brand new outdoor patio area featuring a community grill and gas fireplace and a second brand new state of the art fitness room gives our residents the feeling of living in a resort.

Living in a “luxury apartment” no longer has to be a short term living solution. A new era in luxury apartment communities rich with custom home-like in unit features and resort style amenities have arrived. If you have any questions about Deer Valley North Townhomes in Ellington, CT please feel free to contact us at (860) 875-7200 or